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I had the fortune to be born during the administration of one of the great American Presidents of the twentieth century, Harry Truman.  He serves as the inspiration for this site’s title and some of its content.  What the reader can expect when they visit this web site is, at a minimum, a daily posting on a topic of political importance based on the truth and, almost without exception, a progressive viewpoint.     Continue reading

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Rick’s Not Too Quick (Witted)

I’m not aware of too many places where Texas Governor Rick Perry is being portrayed as overly bright.  There are few guarantees in life but one is that this is not a space where you will see it happen.  “Smart glasses” or not, he still makes George W. Bush look like a Rhodes Scholar; and that is a left-handed compliment.   Continue reading

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Kicking The Can Down The Highway

Congress is slated to take the month of August off which leaves just a few days to take care of any pressing business.  The Highway Trust Fund, which completely or substantially funds most major road projects in this country, is projected to run out of money before Congress will come back in session.  When you also include the factor that the weather is not conducive to road construction projects in much of the country during the late fall, early spring and winter the clock is really ticking.  Last week the House passed a temporary funding bill that would take care of things through May of 2015.  The Senate is slated to have that legislation come to the floor this week.  The President has said he would sign it, but labeled it inadequate in that it was another “Kick the can,” bill that just reassures the problem will be revisited in the very near future.  Continue reading

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Messaging is an “inside baseball” term that campaigns use to describe how they intend to communicate with voters.  More specifically the verbiage they intend to use.  The conventional wisdom is to have everyone on the same page and the message as uniform as possible.  The Republicans are masters at this to the point that they literally sound like an echo chamber.  While that may be the way to coordinate your messengers and coalesce the base, I’m not sure it is the best way to persuade swing voters.  Continue reading

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Getting Away With Murder

There is an adage that is often repeated during political scandals that the cover up is worse than the crime.  I’m not sure of its genesis, and my age may be showing, but it seems to me it came into the political lexicon in the aftermath of Watergate.  What it means is that the initial transgression would often be forgiven, but the actions taken in its wake end up sinking an individual.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that most Americans are Christians and have been taught forgiveness in their religious training or that we realize we are all imperfect; but we tend to be a forgiving nation.  Hypocrisy and lying to cover up are a step too far for most Americans.  I’m starting to suspect Russian President Vladimir Putin is about to prove this axiom doesn’t apply on an international scale.           Continue reading

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The Banishment Of Renee Ellmers

In November of 2010 Renee Ellmers rode a wave of Tea Party sentiment, Democratic voter apathy and out of district money to victory in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District.  Well, not exactly rode; the election went to a recount.  The Republicans in Raleigh quickly realized she was going to be very difficult to reelect and massively gerrymandered her district in an attempt to protect her in the 2012 election. Continue reading

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Progressive Popularism

George W. Bush famously scammed America with his Compassionate Conservatism.  It turned out to be misguided governance cloaked as conservatism.  If there was compassion for anyone other than his friends and financiers I see didn’t see it!  What I am suggesting Democrats do in 2014 and 2016 is campaign on a platform of Progressive Popularism.  What the hell is that?  Read on. Continue reading

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The Endorsement Of Paul Davis

If you know what office Paul Davis is running for you may be wondering if I have taken complete leave of my senses.  Is Larry actually endorsing a Democrat for Governor of Kansas?  Everyone knows that a Democrat can’t win statewide in deep red Kansas in the mid-term year of 2014.  Continue reading

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Chase The Money

Perhaps I’m just a frustrated writer and political operative who secretly wants to be Chris Berman.  Part of the sports commentator’s shtick is making reference to rock hits.  I often have a song going through my head when I write my political commentary and use it in my pieces.  Today it’s Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 hit, Money Changes Everything.      Continue reading

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Suppress Or Represent

Recently Ashley Spillane, President of Rock The Vote, wrote an article entitled, These states are trying to stop young people from voting, which was picked up by several newspapers including the Washington Post.  It focuses on some of the tactics Republicans are using that suppress the youth vote.    Continue reading

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When In Doubt, Hit Delete

The N.S.A. isn’t the only organization that is trying to gather as much data as it can on Americans; almost every political and marketing operation, (it’s often difficult to differentiate between the two), is doing the same thing.  By controlling your passions and utilizing a few tricks you can minimize their success.  Continue reading

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